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This program promotes inclusiveness and discovery of various cultures by way of a monthly theme. Running from September to June this program will expose children to the customs, cuisine and living habits of various countries.


Educational objectives:

  • Teaches diversity
  • Expands knowledge
  • Promotes an appreciation of other cultures
  • Delivers enriching experiences


Benefits of this program:

  • Enhances vocabulary
  • Promotes open-mindedness
  • Develops curiosity


Un trésor dans mon jardin  

“Un trésor dans mon jardin” aims to bring about lasting changes in young people’s food habits by bringing them closer to food at the source. Gardening touches upon all 5 spheres of development. Your child will be exposed to different sensory experiences that have been chosen to awaken curiosity and help them to discover the pleasure of eating healthy, nutritious and fresh food..

Educational objectives:

  • Introduction to the food cycle
  • Plan and manage the vegetable garden
  • Discovery workshops


Benefits of this program:

  • Understanding the life cycle
  • Respect for the environment
  • Develops a sense of responsibility and autonomy
  • Increases self-esteem




STEM education is an interdisciplinary and applied approach to learning about the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM based play develops an early interest of these essential disciplines, preparing students for success from pre-k to high school and beyond.


Educational objectives:


  • Interpret and communicate relevant information
  • Engages logical reasoning
  • Emphasizes a collaborative approach
  • Problem solving using a technological approach
  • Promotes active leadership


Benefits of this program:


  • Develops critical thinking
  • Builds perseverance
  • Learning through trial and error
  • Increases proficiency in multitasking



Introduction to Mandarin

Mandarin classes are offered weekly by specialist teachers using play based activities to help children develop their language skills.


Introduction to programming and robotics

Your children will be exposed to the basics of computer programming through adventure and play with various activities, including with the help of Cubetto, a friendly wooden robot.



Epicurious is a multi sensory workshop promoting the discovery of new foods.



Yoga will be practiced daily accompanied by their educator.

Thematic weeks

Astronaut for the day, Concerto, Just like Molière, Adventure Safari, Top Chef etc. Weekly themes will vary depending on the interests of the children in the group.

Writing Workshops

Develop fine motor skills, trace, recognize letters and numbers, recopy, associate, transcribe letters

Reading Workshops

Recognize letters, recognize sounds, tell stories.


Mathematics workshops


Counting, seriating, measuring, comparing, sequencing, cause and effect.



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